Young Man Kills Mayor and Two Journalists in Finland

finland2On Saturday night, a 23 year-old young man shot dead three women with a hunting rifle in front of a restaurant in the Finnish city of Imatra, southeast of the country and was subsequently arrested.

The news comes from a Nordic country considered to be one of the safest in the world and where Islam has not reached out to young people with its claws and brainwash them.

So, even if what occurred in the Finnish city of Imatra was an awful, regrettable incident, it is also somewhat helpful toward fighting political campaigns based on hatred of the unknown and the community of immigrants, given that this incident goes to show that basically anyone can be affected by mental afflictions, which might drive them to commit such gruesome acts against other citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs.

The victims were city mayor Tiina Wilén Jäppinen and two local journalists, although the police, who still do not know the motive behind the crime, suspect that they were chosen at random. When the police arrived at the scene, witnesses identified the 23 year old man as the perpetrator of the triple murder and he was arrested without any resistance or attempts to flee the scene. “He behaved very calmly and said nothing”, added the police chief. According to the police, no one else was injured during the shooting.

The gun was registered legally but did not belong to the alleged assailant, although the police still do not want to give more details at the moment on the identity of its owner or the way the suspect got hold of it. The suspect has not yet been interrogated but, according to the police sources, he has no criminal records or known links with any violent group, so they are ruling out any political motives.