White Supremacists Salute President Elect Trump

trump-alt-right-nov-7-2016There has recently been a great deal of debate and public concern over a certain extreme right wing group that have publicly endorsed Donald Trump in Washington DC. The group in question advocate for the rights and privileges of white people of European descent in the United States; in other words, their political views are related to ideas of white supremacism and Neo Nazism.

Particularly, there were two moments caught on tape and reproduced all over social media, which have caused great concern among organizations for human rights and public outrage in media and elsewhere. One of them was when the leading spokesperson for the organization, used words such as “Hail Trump” and “vicious creatures” to refer to members of ethnicity or communities other than white European.

Perhaps, one of the most chilling moments of the footage is when it can be clearly seen where some members of the audience enthusiastically doing the Nazi salute with total impunity, to the cheering of others around them. This is a rather violent image to see these days, given the serious implications and connotations such a salute has, being detrimental to human rights, for carrying a message that evokes the many atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by the Third Reich and then Nazi Party a little over half a century ago.

Perhaps, it is not fair to associate US President Elect Donald J. Trump with such extremists, but the truth is that reviewing his speeches can certainly instill fear in citizens of the world, given the certain resemblance they bear to that of dictators, demagogue and populists observed to have held positions of power throughout history. One of the main points of comparison where one could affirm that Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Fidel Castro have things in common is the systematic fabrication or manipulation of information.