Donald Trump’s Diplomatic Shortcuts

cytoo2txcaae9knThere have recently been many comments and public criticism in Washington DC towards US president elect Donald J. Trump due to his informal approach to diplomatic affairs with other countries and political leaders and representatives around the world. Diplomats as well as diplomacy and foreign affairs experts seem to have been left dumbfounded at Donald Trump’s approach to diplomatic relations and the many spontaneous phone calls he has been maintaining with many political leaders around the world.

The truth is that Donald Trump simply felt like picking up the phone and holding cheerful, informal, lighthearted talks with many foreign leaders from other countries who called to congratulate him on his victory of the US presidential election. Some sources claim that Donald Trump himself has picked up the phone and called back many other political leaders after initially not being available to receive their calls. Perhaps among the most controversial phone calls that Trump has made so far were to Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, and to Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing Wen, although the “motives” for this are yet not entirely clear. It simply might be that Trump wants to get on the right foot on his international and diplomatic relationships with many of the countries with which the US has long been distanced or relations have been tense.

In any case, some Pakistani sources have disclosed that Trump referred to Sharif as a “terrific” guy, who made him feel as if they had known each other for years. He also allegedly qualified the Pakistani people as among the smartest people on the planet and, when invited to Pakistan by Sharif, Trump supposedly answered that he would “love to go to that fantastic country of fantastic people.” It has also been publicly known that China’s reaction to Trump having maintained a phone conversation with Tsai Ing Wen was not very positive.