Chapecoense Jet Goes Down

nintchdbpict000285538848So far, the news that has made it to the front pages and headlines of every major news portal and newspaper around the world this week has been related to the plane that crashed in Colombia, near Medellin. The news shook and shocked not only the world of sports but also everyone else at large. The charter flight was carrying the most members of the Brazilian soccer team “Chapecoense”, as well as coaches, journalists etc. The story was widely covered and it has been all over social media.

Countless tributes to the victims have been paid all over the world and messages of condolence from every corner of the world kept pouring into Brazil, the soccer club, and families of the victims. The flight recorders and black box of the CP 2933 jet have been recovered almost unscathed and the cause of the failure which caused the plane to go down has not been determined yet. Some experts speculated that there was an electrical problem which caused the engines to shut down while others say that the plane simply ran out of fuel.

There were only 5 survivors out of about 80 people on the flight and one of them is a crew member, Erwin Tumiri. Surprisingly, Erwin survived the plane crash with only minor injuries. Tumiri seems to think that the reason for his survival is that he followed the safety procedures indicated in case of an emergency landing. He curled up in fetal position, with his hands above his head and the bags between his legs. He said that basically, most people on the plane stood up and shouted when it started to go down. The jet crashed in the mount of Cerro Gordo, near Medellin, Colombia. Medellin is renowned for being the site where tango singer Carlos Gardel and his musicians, crew members etc. crashed some 80-90 years ago.