About This Site

This website is an online news portal that can only be accessed on the Internet. On this web page, readers will be able to find news about the UK and the world in general. There is a focus on news about the English speaking world but news from all over the world are gathered and covered here.

It might be prudent to clarify that this is by no means an online newspaper, but simply a blog written by amateur writers and journalism aficionados, so on this site there is no official editors or actual professionals working: writers involved in the making of this resource compile and share news that might be of interest to members of a generally wide audience, regardless of social class or political inclinations. Out of passion, for equally passionate people.

This is worth noting because, perhaps, some of the writers behind the many pages of this site might not be completely neutral or or unbiased. A feat that not even journalists of our time are able to attain; on the contrary, the writers behind these pages, although they have chosen to remain anonymous, are human beings just like any other and, as such, they have their own personal opinions, values, principles and views on the international political and social panorama and current issues that affect us all.

Therefore, although the register and tone held on this web site is formal, professional and its writers try to keep their opinions to a minimum and stay objective, there are no guarantees that this will be the case of every piece of news published here.